Tasty Travels: GE Bistro

If you’re ever in the Chicagoland area and are looking for a great place to eat, check out Graham Elliot Bistro! Ryan and I went here last year and we’ve been dying to go back. The food, the service and ambiance is ridiculous. Not to mention you might get lucky and meet the one and only Graham Elliot (clearly I’m a fan).

First off their drinks are delicious and definitely have a kick. A few drinks will more than do the trick.


Their menu is seasonal and varies from time to time, but some of their staple must tries is the Caesar Salad and the Beef Stroganoff. Below are some of the items we tried.

Obviously we had to try the dessert and ordered the Cookie Sampler, baked cookies AND cookie dough- YES PLEASE


Lucky for us Graham was in the house (yes, we’re on first name terms). I almost died when I first saw him in the kitchen. He was so nice and was so involved with the whole restaurant process, from calling orders to running food to the table it was amazing to see him work. It was a real treat to meet him.

Best part of the evening was being able to spend it with this guy. IMG_9321

Definitely recommend G.E.B. when you get a chance, bonus they’re often featured on Groupon!

Do you have any other recommendations in the Chicagoland area?



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