We’ll See You Soon

Today my baby little brother left for the Air Force. I didn’t think I’d be this emotional or upset about him leaving. It’s hard to think that he’s dedicated the next 6 years of his life to serve our country. I’m so proud of everything that he will be doing, but at the same time fear for him. My brother is one of the best people I know. I’d like to take all the credit for the man he’s become but he was born to be special.


Ever since I was little, I prayed and constantly asked for a sibling- boy/girl it didn’t matter to me. When my mom became pregnant with him, I’d rub her belly and play the musician Yanni to him. I had at that point already decided that his name was going to be Yanni.

Yanni was born extremely premature and was a frail little guy, you wouldn’t believe me now if I were to tell you that, but it’s true. My brother has always been my best friend, even if I was bossing him around and bullying him. I’ve always been protective of him and only I could be the one to beat him up.

As we’ve grown up, we grew apart. Being too cool to hang out with each other, all we did was nag at one another. It wasn’t until the past few years that we’ve gotten close again and really value each other, not only as siblings but as friends.

Yanni is the most genuine person I’ve ever known. He has a good heart and great intentions. He’s caring and kind and is a great friend to anyone that’s lucky enough to have met him. He’s a goofball and incredibly weird. Most of all he’s loyal, determined and courageous.


I hope he realizes that everything I’ve done to him is because I love him and wanted to make him a stronger person. I wish him the best as he begins this journey. I pray that he will find his true calling and find success. I wish I could be there to protect you Yanni, but I know you’ll be ok. Good luck and I’ll see you soon.



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