International Women’s Day

Last year I had the opportunity to celebrate something rare and incredible. Last year my sorority (yes, I’m a sorority girl) celebrated 100 years on the campus of The University of Iowa. It was incredible to witness and celebrate the occasion and to meet all the women that were a part of that journey.


In that moment and in that room, I realized just how incredible women are. I was surrounded by women who were attending college and following their dreams to women that were currently living their dreams. Each and every single person in that room had a story to tell and to share.

We were all from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but were brought together by our sororities core values. We were connected. We share a bond that most people will never understand and some who might think we’re foolish. But at the end of the day, we had come together and built something incredible. We created an institution on the Universities campus together.

2000’s Initiation Classes | Photo Cred: Lindsay McGowan

It just proves that women are stronger when we support one another. We can do incredible things. Society has us pinning against each other and it’s awful to see. We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves and judging other people, but what are we gaining from it? Nothing. No one wins in this vicious cycle of trying to tear each other down.  We need to acknowledge what we’ve been doing and make a conscious effort to make a change. We need to build each other up, respect one another and send only good vibes to each other. Together we can make a better future.



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