Easter Dress Picks

With Easter just days away, here are some of my Easter dress wish list. For this holiday, I love pastels and floral prints and a dresses a little more on the conservative side. Here’s to shopping and spending time with family!

Best of all most of these dresses are under $100!

  1. Polka Dot: Love the midi length and the retro vibe of this dress.
  2. Grey: Bell sleeve perfection. Conservative, but modern.
  3. Red Floral: Available in 3 different color options and on sale for $96.
  4. White Dress: Simple white dresses are perfect for spring to get you out of your winter funk. Accessorize with bright colors!
  5. Floral Romper :For those who are more comfortable in pants. This pink is super hot for this season and flatters every skin tone.
  6. A-Line Floral Midi: Obsessed with the kimono sleeves and enlarged floral print.
  7. Midi-Jumpsuit: The midi trend is continuing and the jumpsuit version is flawless.
  8. Midi Floral Wrap Dress: Classic silhouette that’s flattering on every body shape.
  9. Floral Maxi: Everyone needs a good maxi and the print and color is perfection.

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