EPIC Bar Review

Yes, these are pretty EPIC. If you’ve heard of the Whole30 or have participated in the Whole30 you’ve probably heard of this brand. This is one of the only Whole30 approved “jerky”/meat bar available. What is so epic about EPIC bars is that the meat that they use is from a humanely treated animal, so that they’re living the good life prior to our consumption. Not only are they treated humanely, they have to be on a grass fed diet. Grass fed is not only beneficial to the environment, it also attributes to a healthier and leaner meat.

I hopped on the wagon and purchased the Whole30 starter kit along with the Uncured Bacon Bites (because who doesn’t like bacon?).


These bars are NOT cheap… they’re actually pretty pricey. But with all natural food, comes a hefty price.

I will admit right now that these are NOT for everyone. These are meant for meat lovers, not jerky lovers because the texture and taste is not that of your typical jerky. If you eat these with that mind set, you WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

I’ve gotten about halfway through my starter kit and have loved most of the flavors I’ve tried. My favorite by far however is the Uncured Bacon Bites, they’re delicious and smoky. 10/10

  • Bison Bacon Chia Bites: 7/10 Good but a little sweet
  • Turkey Almond Cranberry Bar: 9/10 Tastes like Thanksgiving
  • Lamb Currant Mint Bar: 2/10 I just can’t get over the weird minty sweet flavor
  • Pulled Pork Bar: 8/10 Salty and super savory, the pineapple is a nice addition




  • High in protein
  • Satisfies cravings
  • Great Whole30 snack
  • Natural


  • Expensive
  • Flavors can be a hit or miss
  • Texture can be tough to swallow, some are super spongey and chewy
  • HARD TO OPEN, the bars are SO difficult to open, if anyone has pointers as how to get these suckers open please let me know!

I’ll let you know if I would consider re-ordering. If any of you have tried these- let me know thoughts and what your favorite flavor is!


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