Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift for my mama. She’s the best lady in the world but also the pickiest.

Here are some great last minute gift ideas for your mama.

For the Sporty mom:

Nike Juvenate | S’Well Bottle | Lululemon Yoga Mat

Nikes are great for everyday wear along with pumping it up at the gym. Lucky for you Nordstrom is having it Triple Bonus Days this week- so get on it!

S’Well bottle will be perfect for your mom that needs to stay hydrated on the go. Not only will she look super stylish and all around awesome, her water will stay ice cold.

Lululemon Yoga Mat, I know the price tags scary- but I swear it’s worth every penny. With this mat and the cushion it provides you’ll be in sideways crow pose in no time.

For the Techie:

Apple TV | Kate Spade Battery Pack | Polaroid Printer

This 3rd Generation Apple TV is the ideal gift for the mom that’s hooked on her TV. Can’t blame her for getting hooked on OITNB or House of Cards. With this device it’ll be easier that ever for her to binge watch her favorite shows that you’ve recommended. Talk about quality time that you can spend with yo mama.

I don’t know about you but my mom is hooked on social media. This ultra thin battery pack is super chic and will allow my mom to do all the FB creeping that she wants.

Don’t you hate it when all your pictures are stuck on your camera? Well with this printer, you’re able to print your phone pics right away. No more complaining from your mom about not having a family photo.

For the Fashionable one:

Ralph Lauren Trench | Kate Spade Watch | Tom Ford Lipstick (Warm Sable) 

This trench is super chic and practical. Moms will love the look and quality of this jacket and you’re going to love the price. It’s price matched for $133 and it’s TRIPLE points at Nordstrom. Help your mom out and get her something she’s going to love to wear.

Kate Spade Watch- such a classic, but definitely young and fresh. You’re mom will be the coolest chick on the block and better yet always on time with this watch on her wrist. Also price matched to $125 and with another triple points available- how can you say no.

This lipstick is coveted by everyone and anyone. You might not be able to afford other Tom Ford items but you can definitely splurge on this for your mom. Not only is it super smooth and long lasting the colors are classic and beautiful just like your mom.

For the Cook:

Le Creuset Dutch Oven | Cravings by Chrissy Teigen | Crockpot

Le Creuset is definitely a splurge item, but it’s going to be totally worth it when your mom cooks the most amazing meals using this pot. It’s a classic to have in the kitchen and should be a staple in any home. Plus she might pass it down to you one day and with it’s lifetime warranty- you’re going to want it.

Chrissy Teigen, can I love you anymore? Guys- she LIKED my Instagram picture last night, I cried and laughed and I didn’t know what to do. Anyways this cookbook would be an amazing gift for your mom. Chrissy and her mom have the most amazing relationship and this book is going to make you want to share some more memories with your mom in the kitchen. Plus the recipes are bomb- it’s a win-win situation.

Every single person needs a crockpot. If your mom doesn’t have one or has one from the ’70s it’s time to get her an upgrade. Crockpots save your mom time in the kitchen which means that you have more time to hang out with her. Woo!

Alright you guys- it’s time to get shopping! GO GO GO


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